• Working at home and can’t bypass the snack draw?
  • Trying to fit more movement into your day but tied down to work/family commitments or just don’t have the energy?
  • Still in that lockdown takeaway habit with no interest in food that nourishes you?
  • Struggling with low mood, stress or anxiety?
  • Hot flushes and night sweats getting the better of you?
  • Feeling overwhelmed with what you know you “should” be doing?

I help women feel more energised and more confident in their bodies particularly when it comes to some form of hormonal transition and the wobbly mental health that sometimes accompanies that. I can guide you out of any anxiety and insecurity that you might be feeling at the changes taking place so that you can enjoy the process and really love your body, eating optimally, moving freely and connecting with those around you with meaning.

However you’re feeling right now, know that underneath it all you have innate good health and wellbeing. We just need to clear out some of the cloudy weather so that you feel at your most vibrant, confident and happy once more. I’m your cheerleader and supporter, helping you to reach a place of easy, sustainable great health, full of energy and vitality. 

Sometimes we forget or don’t even know what it’s like to feel energised and happy.

Sometimes we have limiting beliefs around food or exercise and I can help you to work through these and build sustainable habits to craft a lifestyle where good health and wellness is not a chore but is woven into your identity.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is everyone’s right.

I work via Zoom or on the phone.  I offer single sessions or block bookings, whichever you prefer.  Coaching prices start at £80.00ph.

Do you need help figuring out how to feel better, stronger, more energetic, less stressed, less bloated, more connected, happier or more confident? 

Do you struggle with your hormones, working out the best stress management strategies or how to eat for energy?

If the answer is yes, book a free 30 min no-obligation call, click the link now to book a slot:

My 12 week coaching programme will launch soon!

This will cover:

  • Why diets don’t work
  • Understanding food craving
  • Stress Management
  • Fuelling your body
  • Boosting energy … and much more

Think how incredible you could feel in three months! To find out more please sign up here: