About Me

With over 15 years’ personal training and pilates experience, I can offer you a wide range of skills and knowledge to give you an enhanced enjoyment of a fresh modern practice, which is fun, funky, challenging but ultimately brings you back to centre, so that you can enjoy better health, fitness, vitality and happiness.

My latest training was with Hot Power Yoga in Clapham, a training which completely unlocked the desire in me to drive my teaching forward and share what I love.  And what I love is the flow and focus, the power of the breath and the power that floods my body as I move from posture to posture, completely inhabiting each reach, each step or each seated twist.  It’s different every time and it’s not always pretty, but it always reminds me that everything comes from within, that I’m complete and perfectly imperfect.

My classes are all in the Kingston area.  Hop over to the Classes page and see where I’m teaching.

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