Power Yoga with a capital P

Following on from the most rewarding and fun Yoga for Men class, I notice it’s still takes a fair bit of encouragement to get newbies through the door and take the plunge with either a new group of people, a different time, different location or trying a completely new style of yoga.

Sometimes the name of the class can be intimidating: “Power Yoga”.  People ask “do I need to be strong and powerful?”, “will it be too difficult?”, “I won’t know what to do”.  For me the Power is all about the charge of energy and emotion that flows through your body when you’re practising in the class.  Feeling those sensations throughout every part of your body, noticing and working with your breath, being present but not judging every reach, step, touch, twist and movement in each asana, expanding your heart and awakening to the potential of the power within, that’s a Power Yoga class.  Yes it might be challenging, no you don’t ‘need’ to be anything, just come as you are and step into your own power, be with yourself, stretch your body and revitalise yourself right to your core.

Yes you’ve got stuff to do at the weekend, yes you may be slightly jaded from the night before, maybe you have a family with demands on your time but yes, you deserve to make space in your day to devote to yourself to stretch, breathe and connect and to allow you to fully give back to those around you.  They (and you!) will thank you for it.

See you on the mat.


(It’s International Yoga Day on Sunday 21st.  Will you yoga?)