Yoga for Men – the afterglow

What a joy to get a bunch of men together to try yoga for the first time!  They bantered, they breathed beautifully, they groaned and they sweated and they made it through their first class safe in the knowledge that there were no lycra-clad pretzels tying themselves intimidatingly in knots next to them on the mat.  They’d all been nudged gently by their partners and wives to come along to this pop-up Power Yoga class and I was so full of inspiration after the class at the open hearted and trusting way they just got on with it, throwing shapes and themselves into the practice but working with compassion and integrity.

If you think you’d like to experience this wonderful all male, non-competitive, friendly and welcoming practice I’ll be starting a short men-only beginners Power Yoga course soon, so look out for the details.  Each week will have a different focus to introduce you to some basics so that you can release, relax, connect, move freely and breathe with confidence during a class.

Or you can drop me a line to register your interest and I’ll add you to the list.