Get your man on the mat!

Men-only Pop-Up

So many men I know struggle with tight hamstrings, hips and shoulders and know they would benefit from trying yoga but need a little nudge to try it out.  As men’s needs are fundamentally different to women’s, this men-only pop-up class will focus on stretching those tight areas that can become a problem if left untouched.

Maybe you’re a runner or a cyclist and your chosen sport has created weaknesses from over training. Maybe you’re not a sportsman but have developed a tweaky back, have poor core strength or a just feeling a little stressed out.

Yoga is designed to balance your muscular strength with flexibility and will provide many other benefits like reducing blood pressure, improving mental focus for your chosen sport, reducing the risk of injury, improving balance and generally making you feel less stressed and give you more power to deal with your everyday life.

Power Yoga is dynamic, athletic, energising.  To benefit fully, why not start at the beginning and break down the postures so that you have the knowledge and kinaesthetic experience to mould your own practice to fulfill your personal needs.

Places are limited!

WHEN: Wednesday 8th April 8-9pm
WHERE: Innerspace Studio, 145A London Road, Kingston KT2 6NH
COST: £12 payable in advance (email me at for payment details)

Please share with any men you think might benefit from a good stretch!